FNC Entertainment Denies AOA Hyejeong’s Dating Rumors

The rumors were denied.

AOA‘s Hyejeong was recently caught in a dating rumor after she uploaded a series of selfies with a mystery man. Netizens had questioned her relationship with the man given that they looked pretty close in the photos. She soon deleted them, causing many to wonder if the had mistakenly uploaded the photos.

| @hyejeonglq/Twitter

On August 3, 2021, her agency FNC Entertainment released a statement claiming that “after checking, the man in question was her close friend that had been studying acting with Hyejeong since high school“. The man was also an actor-in-training and Hyejeong had uploaded the photos as they were close, but deleted them quickly at the unexpected response from fans.

With that, they firmly denied any rumors that the two were dating.

Source: Star Today