Fans Spot Former AOA’s Jimin In Friends’ Recent Updates

Fans are glad to see she’s doing well.

Shin Jimin, formerly of AOA, has not updated her social media since leaving the group in July 2020. Fans have not had any updates from her for the longest time. However, fans’ worries were recently put to ease when they spotted her in updates from her friends’ accounts.

It seems that she had taken a holiday with fellow AOA member, Seolhyun, and two other non-celebrity friends.

| @sbin919/Instagram

Eagle-eyed fans even spotted Jimin in sticker booth photos uploaded by another friend from the trip.

| @hyunjuicy/Instagram

In this photo of the group walking, Seolhyun is walking on the left while Jimin is in the red dress in the middle.

| @sbin919/Instagram

Fans found out when they matched Seolhyun’s clothing from her Instagram post to that of her friend’s.

| @sh_9513/Instagram

The friend also uploaded a closeup shot of Jimin’s outfit details. Fans immediately knew it was Jimin from the blue line tattoo on the finger.

| @sbin919/Instagram

The group had gathered for a Halloween party and trip, with just the girls. Fans are heartened to see Jimin doing well despite the controversy that had followed the group after former member Mina accused Jimin of bullying her.

  • “It seems like she’s living well. What a relief.”
  • “Can’t Jimin just make a return? She can come with a cool rap and be like tadah”
  • “A5A”

Hopefully fans will get to hear from her personally in the future.

Source: Pann