AOA Jimin’s Recent Photo Causes Even Comedian Song Eun Yi To Worry

Even fellow FNC entertainer Song Eun Yi was worried.

AOA‘s Jimin‘s recent Instagram photos have been causing fans and even comedian Song Eun Yi to express their worry.

Jimin has been sharing a series of photos from her trip to London.


She visited various locations and seemed to be having a wonderful time.


She even shared a photo of herself enjoying a nice day out in front of the Tate Modern with some music.

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The photos she uploaded May 20th, however, apparently made her appear a little thinner and has caused fans to worry about her health.


In fact, comedian Song Eun Yi, who is managed under the same agency as Jimin, even posted a comment asking if she was having really hard time.

Are you having a really hard time?

ㅡ Song Eun Yi


Jimin replied with only emoticons that seemed to indicate she didn’t know how to answer.


In fact, this was not the first time fans were worried about her health. Photos she uploaded in the past had caused fans to voice their concerns.


FNC Entertainment eventually released a statement clarifying that Jimin did not have any health issues.

Jimin does not have any health problems. In fact, she is consistently working out and is very healthy.

ㅡ FNC Entertainment

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