AOA Jimin’s Recent Photos Cause Fans To Worry About Her Health

“Jimin please eat.”

AOA‘s Jimin has recently shared some photos of herself on Instagram that have been making fans worry about her health.

On February 12, Jimin shared a series of photos of herself and tagged the brands she was wearing in the caption.


In the photos, however, Jimin was looking much thinner than during her promotions with AOA.


Jimin was always on the petite side, but when comparing to her appearance during AOA’s latest promotions with “Bingle Bangle”, she does look noticeably thinner recently.


It is not uncommon for K-Pop girl group members to go on diets for their promotions but with AOA’s promotions already having come to an end, fans have been voicing their concerns for Jimin’s health and have been encouraging her to maintain her health.

  • “Stay healthy.”
  • “Jimin I love you ur so pretty but take care of your health.”
  • “Please gain some weight.”
  • “Please eat a lot of good food.”
  • “Please stop diet.”
  • “You’re so skinny! Are you ok?? Be healthy! Please.”


Moreover, many fans have been suggesting that she eat more to gain some weight and be healthier.

  • “We love you, honey. Please eat more and be healthy.”
  • “Jimin please eat well for us.”
  • “Jimin I love you and I want you to eat more please.”
  • “Please eat well, baby.”
  • “Jimin please eat.”


Meanwhile, after seeing fans’ concerns for the idol, Jimin’s agency FNC Entertainment has released a statement in response, stating that she did not have any health issues.

Jimin does not have any health problems. In fact, she is consistently working out and is very healthy.

ㅡ FNC Entertainment


So it seems fans have nothing to worry about!

Source: Newsen


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