Former AOA’s Kwon Mina Looks Beautiful In New Photoshoot… Claims That Her Time In AOA Was Unforgettable

She is thankful for her time in the group.

On the 25th of August 2020, Woman Sense magazine revealed the recent photoshoot and interview that former AOA‘s Kwon Mina did with them for their September issue.

Over July and August, Kwon Mina, who is currently active as an actress, spoke out countless times about the issues she had faced during her time as an AOA member, including the controversy surrounding former member, Jimin and how she bullied the actress.

| Woman Sense

In the interview, she revealed that she is currently receiving treatment and therapy and is currently recovering. She is also trying her best to go out to meet more people and when she spends time alone, she tries to keep busy with hobbies. Recently she has gotten into making her own cosmetics and she also draws occasionally.

Mina picked actress Lee Jung Hyun as her role model, saying that watching Lee Jung Hyun’s performance for “WA” had encouraged her to grow her dream of becoming a celebrity. Mina claims that Lee Jung Hyun’s existence itself drew her down this path in life.

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With regards to her time in AOA, Mina revealed that it was a huge turning point in her life and it was a group that gave her the chance to debut. She was able to wear pretty clothings and get done up prettily, and she was living in the excitement of having become a celebrity just like she had dreamed of. She claims the 8 years were unforgettable to her.

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Lastly, Mina thanked fans for supporting her and says not to worry about her as she will live well. Although she is trying to come to terms with the issues she had faced in the past, she wishes to come back to the public as someone with a stronger mentality.

The full interview will be out in the September issue of Women’s Sense magazine. In the meantime, continue to show your support for Kwon Mina as she pursues her dreams.

Source: MT News