AOA’s Seolhyun Makes First Public Appearance Since Mina’s Bullying Scandal

It was to promote her new drama

AOA member Seolhyun made an appearance on November 25th for the press conference for her new drama Awaken.

The girl group member was captured wearing a trendy pinstripe jacket and a matching knee length skirt. This press conference is Seolhyun’s first public appearance since the bullying controversy surrounding former AOA member, Kwon Mina.

It was July of this year when Kwon Mina, a former AOA member came out with some severe bullying accusations against another former AOA member, Jimin. Since then, many netizens have been criticizing Seolhyun for not addressing the issue and continuing on with her promotions as if nothing were going on. This was met with a lot of backlash and it led to netizens asking for her removal from the drama, which subsequently did not happen.

Still from “Awaken” | tvN

Awaken follows two police officers, Do Jung Woo (played by Nam Goong Min) and Gong Hye Won (played by Seolhyun) who try to solve a series of mysterious cases that seem to be connected to an incident that happened in their town 26 years ago.

Watch Seolhyun showcase her acting abilities in tvN‘s Awaken, which premieres November 30th. The episodes will be broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday.

Source: theqoo, MT and Tistory