AOA’s Seolhyun Reveals Her Current Weight And Shares All Her Diet Tips For Losing Fat In Each Body Area

She gave out tips like free real estate.

AOA’s Seolhyun has always been known for her great body and physique. While in her earlier years as a rookie, she might have resorted to unhealthy means, Seolhyun now leads a healthy life to maintain her weight.

Not only is she known for loving food…

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…she also does many sports. Look at her amazing waist line!

Seolhyun at rock climbing. | @sh_9514/Instagram

Recently, Seolhyun revealed her current weight and BMI on Dear U. Bubble. She’s currently 5.47 ft (167cm) and 107.4 lbs (48.7kg). With her BMI at 17.5, many might assume she is unhealthily underweight.

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However, with a body fat percentage of 20.9 and 10.2kg of muscles, she’s definitely been working out for the gains. She even readily shared diet tips as fans clamored to know.

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  • “Should I tell you my diet method?”
  • “Just try drinking 2L of later a day.”
  • “Just by doing this, you can loose 1kg in a week.”
  • “You have to drink just plain water. You can’t mix coffee or anything.”
  • “You can’t do this?”
  • “Then you won’t lose weight.”
  • “This is the easiest method to losing weight.”
  • “I carry a tumbler around so I drink about 4 cups or more of that.”

She even went into detail on how to lose weight for each body part.

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  • “Someone asked me to tell you guys how to lose belly fat.”
  • “For belly fat, it has to be a clean meal plan.”
  • “100%”
  • “You can never drink alcohol if you want to lose belly fat.”
  • “If you want to lose lower body fat, you have to maintain a diet for a long time.”
  • “If you give up halfway, it’s useless.”
  • “Also for arm fat”
  • “It doesn’t go away.
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  • “Anyway, whatever you eat, as long as it’s within a set calories number you won’t gain weight.”
  • “But you still have to try to match the percentage of carbs, protein and fats in order for nutrients to be sufficient right?”
  • “You want to drink alcohol that bad?”
  • “LOL”
  • “Drink zero alcohol beer or”
  • “Drink all you want once and rest for a few days.”
  • “Drink until you puke so that afterwards you’ll think that you shouldn’t drink alcohol ever again.”
  • “Personally for zero alcohol beer, Tsingdao is the best in taste but Hite has lesser calories so I drink that.”

Fans don’t need to worry too much about her! Although she shared that she would be going on a diet, she still ordered a serving of dumplings in soup as a late night snack that day. Seems like she’s been dieting in a healthy way!

Source: theqoo