AOA’s Seolhyun Sent Her Fans 150 Messages Over 2 Days On Lysn’s Dear U. Bubble

“She must’ve really wanted to communicate with fans all this while…”

AOA‘s Seolhyun finally started her Dear. U Bubble subscription on September 15, 2021. By September 17, she had reportedly sent fans about 150 messages in total over the course of two days.

Fans were amazed at her dedication to the service. However, many felt upset for her as well, as they interpreted it as her longing to communicate with fans. After AOA’s Jimin was accused of bullying by former member Kwon Mina, the group went into hiatus and Seolhyun had stopped updating her social media for the better part of the year as well. Seolhyun has finally returned to social media and promotions after the long break.

She sent many messages including videos and selfies, all the way up to dawn.

  • “Anyway, seeing how she started Bubble, I guess the company hasn’t completely washed their hands off. Can’t AOA, who’s innocent, make a comeback? I want to see everyone including Jimin.”
  • “Why is it so funny how fans ended up waking from sleep because of Seolhyun kkkkk”
  • “I thought that it was because she was so excited as it was the first day, but when you put it that way, my heart breaks.”
| pann

It seems that many are looking forward to AOA making a return to the industry.

Source: pann