AOA Seolhyun’s Instagram Continues To Get Swamped With Hate… And Sparks Debate Among K-Pop Fans

“Have you learned nothing from the past…?”

Following the former AOA member Mina‘s recent string of Instagram posts, calling out Jimin, Seolhyun, and FNC Entertainment‘s CEO Han Sung Ho

Former AOA member Kwon Mina. | @kvwowv/Instagram

… Seolhyun’s Instagram — and her update from July 1, 2020 — has seen a spike of visitors.

Seolhyun’s Instagram post getting hate comments. | @sh_9513/Instagram

Apologize, Seolhyun. Stop siding with Shin Jimin. Don’t be so driven by money, it’s not human.

— Instagram User

The comments under the last picture shared capture a mix of unfiltered hate…

Seolhyun’s Instagram post getting hate comments. | @sh_9513/Instagram

Say something for yourself.

— Instagram User

… and concerned insight.

Wow… Look at some of these hateful comments. Don’t cross the line, people. You guys are crazy. If you all really wanted what’s best for Mina, you wouldn’t be here spreading hate like this.

— Instagram User

Upon seeing Seolhyun’s Instagram turning into an online battleground between the agitated vs. the worried, K-Pop fans have come to an intense discussion over “malicious comments” — one of the most deep-rooted problems the industry has faced.

  • “I’m baffled because Shin Jimin is the cause of all the problems, but Seolhyun is getting all the heat. Yes, she was a bystander and to Mina she may have been a bully nonetheless. But isn’t this a little weird?”
  • “None of us know exactly what happened among the three of them. It’s almost like we want to see more people take their lives. Stop writing malicious comments. Go show support for the victim instead, you dumbos.”
  • “Seriously. No one said Seolhyun is innocent. But keep yourselves in line, guys. People are so eager to spread hate these days. They’re all out to go after someone. Doesn’t matter. A new face, the same hate.”
  • “Seolhyun deserves the hate. She bullied Mina too. But what, being bullied by the internet breaks her heart? I don’t know. She can simply apologize and ask for forgiveness. That’s all it would take to stop this all.”
  • “I hate malicious comments. I hate protective comments. I really think we should be over at Mina’s telling her something positive and encouraging instead.”

From the debate, many have concluded, “There is no need for malicious comments toward the alleged bullies. There is only the need for undivided support for the victim.”

Yes, you can criticize the wrong. But you can do it without crossing the line. Commenting ‘[Seolhyun] should die’ is not constructive criticism. Have you learned nothing from the past? You all must think what you’re doing to Seolhyun in the comments is totally different from what Jimin did. Is it though, really? What we should be doing is helping Mina by giving her the support she needs. Don’t waste your time on spreading hate. Focus the energy on pulling Mina out of the dark.

— Instagram User

Meanwhile, Mina has been taken to the hospital after self-harm. Medical professionals have confirmed that she is being treated and that her life is not in danger.

Kwon Mina’s Agency Confirms She Is Being Treated At The Hospital And Her Life Is Not In Danger

Source: E Today and THEQOO