Seolhyun Introduces Her Stunning Sister To The Public For The First Time

They could be twins.

After six years with AOASeolhyun has finally introduced her mysterious older sister to the public and, newsflash, she’s just as gorgeous as Seolhyun is!


Kim Joo Hyun is set to appear with Seolhyun on Mnet‘s brand new variety show, Not the Same Person You Used to Know. It will premiere on December 20 and air every Thursday at 21:00 KST.


The show tests the friends, managers, parents, siblings, etc of celebrities to see how well they really know their famous loved one. The quiz involves predicting the celeb’s actions while watching video clips of their daily lives.


Kim Joo Hyun will reportedly be dishing on personal details about her sister, including the differences between Seolhyun’s public self and who she is at home.


Seolhyun once mentioned and revealed a photo of her sister on Radio Star, and appeared with her in a photo shoot, but Kim Joo Hyun has never gone on a TV program with Seolhyun, until now. In fact, this will be the very first time that one of Seolhyun’s family members has guest starred with her on a show.


For more, check out the teaser for Seohyun’s episode here.