AOA’s Yuna Uploads On Instagram For The First Time Since Leaving FNC Entertainment

She’s enjoying the snow!

AOA member Yuna has uploaded on her personal Instagram page for the first time since leaving her label, FNC Entertainment.

AOA’s Yuna

On January 1st, Yuna announced to her fans that she would be leaving her label of 8 years. While fans are eagerly awaiting to hear updated news about her future plans, Yuna has updated her Instagram for the first time since she left FNC Entertainment. She uploaded a series of three photos of herself enjoying the snow that came down hard just a day ago in South Korea.

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

Fans can see the gorgeous AOA member wearing a bright blue puffer jacket and some comfortable pants in the photos. Her beauty still radiates although she’s all bundled up. Look at all the snow behind her!

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

In the second photo, she poses cutely while showing off her cute white scarf and matching white cardigan. We can only assume it is freezing outside since Yuna is so bundled up!

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

She poses with the cutest little snowman in the last photo that she endearingly looks at. Did you build that yourself, Yuna? It’s pretty freaking adorable!

| FNC Entertainment

With the news of her leaving FNC Entertainment, fans can’t help but wonder what the future of AOA looks like. While fans are also supporting her decision to leave the label, there have been many questions arising with her departure.

Source: Nate