AOA’s Jimin Gains Attention From Netizens For Her Thoughtful Words

She’s such a kind person!

AOA‘s Jimin has been gaining lots of positive attention for her kind and warm personality!

Recently, Jimin’s comments on her fancafé began making the rounds of the internet. She would answer most of her fans’ comments, and fans took particular notice of how kindly she spoke to her fans! She showered them with praises, gave them encouragement and thanked them continuously for their support:

Fan: You’re seriously the best. You know that right?

Jimin: You’re better


Fan: Unnie, I hope you always stay happy. Let’s be healthy and stay together for a long time, happily

Jimin: Thanks to you, I’m filled with happiness


Fan: Daebak deabak ㅠㅠ

thanks to unnie, I’m able to live happily everydayㅠㅠ

Unnie, fighting for Mondays ((fighting for your comeback as well

Jimin: Wow,, your words are so nice, thank you, I’m so happy


Fans have been feeling all kinds of fuzzy feelings at her kind words:

Jimin mentioned in one of the magazine interviews that the most valuable thing she gained after debuting is having her members, I became a fan ~


Wow, Jimin is so warm


Their “Egoistic” stage was so shockingly good, Jimin was the one who planned it out goosebumps… Let’s hit daebak with this album!


AOA is gearing up for their first comeback as a five-member group in the month of November.