AOA’s Jimin Proudly Shows Off And Opens Up About The Meaning Of Her Many Tattoos

She has well over 20 tattoos!

AOA‘s Jimin recently shot a pictorial and sat down for an interview with Allure Korea. As part of their Ask Allure segment, fans could send questions to Jimin, which she then read and answered happily!


One of the questions sent to her was,

From Jimin herself!! You said you had over 20 tattoos, how many do you have now?

I’m also curious if you plan to keep getting more now!


Jimin, with a good-natured laugh, confessed that she actually doesn’t know how many tattoos she currently has, and surmised that she probably has as many tattoos as her age!

She then introduced and explained around 7 of her tattoos’ and revealed that two of her tattoos (a tree tattoo near her elbow and a rockstar tattoo on her forearm) were done by the hand poking method of tattooing!


Her most meaningful tattoo is a stuffed rabbit that she had as a child. In every picture from her childhood, Jimin can be seen clutching this rabbit close to her, and so she decided to get it tattooed as a reminder of her childhood!


Watch the full segment here!