AOA’s Jimin Reveals That She Wants To Keep AOA Together No Matter What

She loves her fellow members a lot.

AOA‘s Jimin expressed her deep love and appreciation for her group in a recent interview.

The group’s leader recently shot a pictorial with Allure Korea, where she also sat down for an interview. In the interview, Jimin shared how she was extremely grateful to the Mnet survival show Queendom for allowing AOA the opportunity to grow as a group as they tried many different new concepts and ideas.


We wanted to take on the different concepts that we’ve always wanted to do along with the people who would support us, and not worry about the opinions of others. Of course its scary and requires a lot of courage to do what you want to do, but if you put on a good performance, lots of people will watch you.


Jimin also touched upon the topic of AOA’s present and future as a group.


For AOA, I just want us to do a great job. I really want to keep the group together no matter what. I don’t have any feelings of heavy-heartedness about AOA at all. I’m just very happy that my members believe in me and follow me as their leader.


Check out the rest of her photos from the pictorial below!




AOA is currently competing on Queendom, and are gearing up for a comeback in November.