Two Idols From Same Legendary Group Are Victims In Investment Scam

The scammer is said to have fled the country.

Apink‘s Chorong revealed that she and Bomi were scammed out of their money.

Chorong | Money Today

On January 11, Apink’s Chorong was a guest on a popular YouTube show.

On this day, the show’s host, Tak Jae Hoon, brought up the fact that the now 5-member group had lost 2 of its original members.

Apink originally had 7 members, but there are now only 5. Is the group’s genre thriller? When will the next member leave?

— Tak Jae Hoon

Chorong responded by joking that the members also joked about which member they felt would be the last member to leave. Tak Jae Hoon then asked if Chorong had recently been scammed in an investment fraud.

Tak Jae Hoon

Recently, were you scammed in an investment fraud?

— Tak Jae Hoon

Chorong then revealed that she and Bomi had invested in a fund that turned out to be a fraud.

There was a time when we were really interested in investing our wealth. Bomi is really good at this, and she told me there was an investment fund that had really good returns, so I joined. But suddenly, I wasn’t receiving interest payments. Turns out I had invested in a fake fund, and the person had already moved overseas.

— Chorong

Tak Jae Hoon then joked about Bomi being the next member to leave, to which the idol stated that she didn’t blame Bomi.

From the start, Bomi would tell me that I didn’t need to invest and that she wasn’t pressuring me to do it. But that made me trust the fund even more. I told her that I understood and that I still wanted to invest, but once I did I was scammed.

— Chorong

Chorong then revealed that she no longer invests her money and joked that she would never trust her members’ investment recommendations again.

You can watch Chorong’s full appearance in the link below.


Source: @nobaktak/YouTube