Apink’s Naeun Reveals She Has Never Dated Before

“I’d love to experience [love] if I get a chance.”

In a recent interview for her upcoming film, The Wrath, Apink’s Son Naeun revealed that she has never dated before.

“Officially, I’ve never dated before.” ㅡ Son Naeun


She explained that even though she was already in her mid-20’s, she still has never been in love.

“I’m not young anymore. I’m in my mid-20’s. You should experience love. I believe one should have many experiences.” ㅡ Son Naeun


She added that she’d love to attempt a mellow film or drama but expressed her reservations about the type of work because of her lack of experience.

“I really want to try mellow (films or dramas). But I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it. When I watch television, I see lovely scenes but I wonder if I could really do something like that. Of course, I’d probably be able to do it, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to pull it off. You have to have been in love to be able to express it properly. I’d love to experience it if I get a chance.” ㅡ Son Naeun


Some netizens had a hard time believing that Son Naeun had never been in a relationship before and doubted that she was telling the truth.

  • “Always single? Lol I’m just going to laugh.”
  • “BS…”
  • “You lieee.”
  • “Let’s not joke around about this kind of stuff. Even if your image is your bread and butter.”
  • “Stop lying.”
  • “She says officially lol. So unofficially she’s not single?”
  • “Everyone knows all celebrities lie right? 99% of idols are all dating.”
  • “Her use of the term ‘officially’ says a lot.”
  • “Yeap, since she hasn’t had any dating scandals yet officially, she is single…lol”


Others continued to refer back to her plastic surgery rumors, which she later spoke up about on Radio Star.

  • “Can’t understand why she did plastic surgery.”
  • “Still think she was prettier and lovelier before plastic surgery. She went overboard and now she just looks really unnatural. I hope she sues the place if it’s the same place as Kim Nam Ju. How is it that she looks uglier after plastic surgery…”
  • “So did she enlarge her mouth too? Is there such a surgery?”
  • “Looks like her face changed a bit.”


Putting these rumors aside, Son Naeun stated that she gave her best to produce the best results for The Wrath as possible. While she showed more of her goddess-like beauty as a singer, she stated that she gave up on her beauty in the film to put emphasis on her acting and the character.

“I’ve shown more of my prettier sides during my promotions as a singer but I’ve tried to let go of much of that. At least when I’m acting. I plan to continue doing so not only for this film but in my future acting activities as well. That’s why dressing up in a historical costume itself was a challenge. It required a lot of courage. But I have no worries about this. I actually wanted to dress up more drastically and reduce the amount of makeup. I barely put on any makeup [in the film].” ㅡ Son Naeun


Son Naeun’s new horror film, The Wrath, will be released in theaters on November 8th so don’t miss out!

Source: Ilgan Sports and Ilgan Sports