Apink’s Eunji exposes truth: says many idols actually feel the same way as Jonghyun

She wants everyone to know the truth.

After reading Jonghyun‘s suicide letter, other K-Pop idols are finding that his words were extremely relatable. 

APINK‘s Eunji confessed that many friends and celebrities around her understand feeling depressed and how difficult it can be. 

“When I first heard the tragic news [of Jonghyun’s passing], I hoped that it was a lie— a false report. I wasn’t personally close with Jonghyun but I still feel for him because he was my colleague.

I teared up after hearing the news despite the fact that we weren’t close. The scary thing is, after his suicide letter was released yesterday, friends and celebrities around me revealed how closely they related to his words.

Looking at these idols who said they understand his feelings of depression and being eaten away by it [inside], I couldn’t help but think ‘maybe’ and that scared me.

I can’t express the emotions that the members and the family must be feeling but I think many in the industry share my feelings.

I hope that such events will not repeat itself in the future and that the idol industry and the entertainment industry in general can be one where everyone is healthy both in mind and body.”

Source: Star News

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