Apink’s Naeun Stuns Fans With Her Adidas Photoshoot

Naeun x Adidas = Hot. Everytime.

The latest entry in Apink‘s Mini Diary series on their YouTube channel features Naeun at her Adidas 2020 Fall/Winter photoshoot.

| Apink (에이핑크)/Youtube

The video titled “Nangni’s brave & cool Adidas pictorial shooting site,” caught the eyes of Apink fans by featuring Naeun’s stunning looks and her down-to-earth demeanor.

| Apink (에이핑크)/Youtube

Naeun’s love for Adidas gear is well known to K-Pop fans, dating back to 2014 when a choreography video of her in Adidas leggings set Korea on fire with gorgeous visuals.

| @marcellasne/Instagram

Adidas eventually picked up on the buzz, and officially selected her as a sponsor.

| Apink (에이핑크)/Youtube

She continues to work as a model for Adidas…

| adidas

…and she looks just as great as ever in the latest photoshoot. Watch the full video below: