APRIL’s Lee Naeun Reveals The Secret To Her Slim Figure And How Much Soju She Can Drink

Naeun shared her secret.

APRIL‘s Lee Naeun recently sat down for an interview with STAR1 magazine. Not only did she talk about her upcoming movie, Taxi Driver, she also shared the answer to what fans have been curious about the most.

Just how does Naeun maintain her figure? A self-proclaimed food fighter, Naeun claims that she loves food and “has a great interest in food“. She shared, “One of the things I look forward to the most is eating delicious midnight snacks.

Naeun admitted that she was just blessed with a “body type that does not gain weight”. Such great genes!

Naeun also revealed that she can hold her liquor well. She drinks about a bottle to a bottle and a half of soju. Naeun also prefers soju to beer, as it goes down cleaner and does not give her bloat.

Taxi Driver launchs in April 2021. Make sure to catch her in action alongside Lee Je Hoon!


Source: Star Today