ARMY Trends Hashtags On Twitter To Show Love For Jin’s Achievements

Congratulations to Jin!

BTS has had an amazing year of accomplishments, adding to an already incredible career.

(From left to right) BTS members RM, Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, and Jin | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Outside of their achievements earned as a group, the talented members are continuing to be awarded and acknowledged for their personal successes. BTS’s Jin found himself with multiple trending hashtags today as fans rallied to show “Worldwide Handsome” Jin their support on Twitter.

As many people know, Jin injured his left index finger on March 18 of this year, requiring him to undergo surgery. This injury changed the way Jin participated in the group’s performance at the 2022 GRAMMYs and at their four-night PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concerts at Allegiant Stadium.

BTS’s Jin during their 2022 GRAMMY performance | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Understandably, Jin was disappointed when he couldn’t perform in full capacity, luckily he had ARMY and his fellow members encouraging him and reminding him of how important he is.

Today, ARMY is celebrating Jin having two of his solo songs on Billboard‘s Hot Trending Songs Chart! He’s in good company as BTS currently holds two additional spots for “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” and Jungkook‘s “Stay Alive” produced by Suga is also in the top 10.

Jin’s song “Yours” was released for tvN series Jirisan. Fans acknowledged the impressive feat the song has achieved by still trending and being on the Billboard chart despite having been released in November.

For Jin’s birthday in 2021, he gifted fans his catchy song, “Super Tuna”. That, and he really wanted to make a song about fishing. The quirky dance and fun melody quickly went viral. For his selfless birthday gift, it makes sense that ARMY wanted to give back today by getting the song to trend again.


While the songs are brought back to the forefront, fans have taken the opportunity to shower Jin in love and support for the endless amount of times he has gone out of his way to show appreciation to ARMY and for the support he shows his fellow members.

Hopefully Jin is seeing all of the love sent his way!