Here’s The Unexpected Reason BTS’s Jin Actually Wanted To Create His Hit Track “Super Tuna”

Jin killed two birds with one stone!

December 4, 2021, BTS‘s Jin celebrated his birthday by gifting ARMYs something they never expected… a song called “Super Tuna.”

Filmed at Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Rey, California, it became an unexpected hit and unsurprisingly went viral for its adorable lyrics, catchy dance, and of course, Worldwide Handsome Jin.

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When the track was released in December, it quickly took over the charts and the hearts of fans worldwide. Not only was it a breath of fresh air, but the dance was easy to learn and perfect for people of any age. In fact, the Super Tuna challenge on TikTok became a viral sensation with everyone taking part.

It was even made into a TikTok dance challenge, and Jin even went on Weverse to ask fans to stop trending the song, saying that he’s embarrassed.

No, but please don’t do a “Super Tuna” challenge that I did not plan. No, I’m so embarrassed…

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Well, it seems like, despite the huge success of the track, it was created in the most unorthodox way possible. Jin and K-Pop producer BUMZU recently sat down for an interview with Weverse magazine to speak all about the iconic track that has taken the world by storm.

In the interview, fans were reminded that Jin had explained he wanted to make a song about fishing during In The SOOP

BTS’s Jin talking about a fishing song during “In The SOOP” | @pipokamelbts/ Twitter 

That urge never seemed to go away, and Jin explained that he wanted to create something more lighthearted and that fans of all ages could listen to.

Our generation doesn’t have any good songs about fishing to listen to on their way on the highway. And there’s a lot of serious talk going on lately, so I thought it would be nice to make a song that’s kind of light and upbeat.

— BTS’s Jin

BTS’s Jin is known to do things to make ARMYs smile | @jin/ Instagram

Yet, as unconventional as the song topic was, the writing process was even more unique and perfectly fitted with the concept of “Super Tuna.” While many artists choose to write in a studio or from somewhere they feel comfortable, Jin wanted to do it… on a boat!

For Jin, if he wanted to write a song about the joys of fishing, he knew it needed to be done while actually fishing. Yet, it turns out that creating the song was actually an excuse… to go fishing.

I did actually want to make a fishing song, but it was really an excuse to go fishing with BUMZU. We went after I suggested to the label that the two of us fishing would make for good content.

— BTS’s Jin

| Weverse Magazine

Despite the unconventional surroundings, it seems like it was a match made in heaven. In fact, it was so good that the final melody was created in only five minutes and although BUMZU knew the idea of the song was going to be “Super Tuna,” both artists found it hilarious that the area they went didn’t have any tuna.

I jokingly said, ‘Seokjin, you’re a universal superstar—you’d be able to catch a tuna anyway.’ He laughed and cast his line, and then he caught one for real. Everyone there, including the professional fisher, was shocked, and after that, I said, ‘I mean, we caught a tuna—what if we see a shark next?’



Considering just how good the track is, it is amazing to find out how quickly the track was made and that it was all done out at sea. If that isn’t a commitment to the concept, then what is?

It isn’t surprising to know that a song created to bring people joy was created in the same way. You can read more about “Super Tuna” below.

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