A Lucky ARMY Receives The Best BTS-Themed Proposal Ever Of All Time

Congrats to the happy couple!

One lucky ARMY’s fiancé just proposed to her in the most romantic way ever!

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The lucky ARMY’s fiancé incorporated her love for BTS into his proposal to her.

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Her fiancé shared his proposal online as part of his entry for the Hilton Singapore Orchard Hotel‘s Winning Marriage Proposal Contest. The winner of the contest will win a luxurious 15-table wedding banquet at the hotel, and the banquet is valued at approximately $14,000 USD. The proposals will be judged on their creativity and emotional appeal with creativity accounting for 60% of the score and emotional appeal accounting for 40% of the score.

Prize details from the Winning Marriage Proposal contest | Singapore Bridges

Her fiancé went all out for his proposal and included many of her favorite things. He remembered how her face lit up while watching Cinderella ride in her carriage in the movie Cinderella, so he arranged a ride in trishaw for her.

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She loved chicken nuggets more than flowers, so he got her a chicken nugget bouquet with dipping sauce included!

Her love language was words of affirmation, so he had her loved ones film video messages for her. She also valued her friendships very much, so he live-streamed the proposal so all of her loved ones could share in the special moment.

She didn’t want to be proposed to in a cliche location, so he proposed to her in a bookstore. She always told him that he looked great in a suit, so he proposed in a suit in front of decor he and their friends had put up.

She always wanted him to learn Hokkien, a dialect of Chinese, so he learned Hokkien and proposed to her in this dialect. The speech was filled with cute moments. He told her that he had been praying to find someone he could be totally himself with and that he felt as if “God brought” her to his side.

He remembered that she loved a gorgeous blue ring, but she was afraid to tell him how much she loved the ring because it was expensive. He bought the ring for her as an engagement ring and told her her “happiness is worth any price.”

While this was already a very swoon-worthy and memorable proposal, he took it to the next level by including her love of BTS! Her favorite BTS song was “Dynamite,” and he danced to the song with “Singapore’s finest street dancers.” 

Of course, with a proposal as sweet, detailed, and thoughtful as this one, the ARMY said yes!

Congrats to the happy couple!



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