ARMYs Can’t Contain Their Amazement Over BTS’s Visuals These Last Few Days By Trending On Twitter

ummm excuse me sir, these visuals are next level 🔥

As BTS‘s fanbase grows steadily by the day, it’s pretty common that whenever one of the members do or post anything to their social media profiles, something is bound to trend on Twitter.

Exhibit A:

| @thv/Instagram

Of course over the last few days, ARMYs have had a field day as V showed why he is the King of Instagram when he posted a video of himself not only shirtless, but with facial hair onto his Instagram for over 27 million followers to see.

| Vogue Korea

ARMYs (and honestly probably the casual virtual passerby) were probably feeling their heart rates increase from the sheer good-lookingness of V.

Bon Voyage S3E4 | BTS Bon Voyage

We know ARMYs sure did as they trended “KIM TAEHYUNG” and “EXCUSE ME SIR” on Twitter with over 100,000 tweets!

Not the BTS themed inhaler 😭

Now as Vogue Korea and GQ Korea break the internet with their newly released “#BTSxLVbyVOGUEGQ” collaboration photoshoots and interviews, ARMYs are expressing their excitement on Twitter.

When the photos are this good, it’s no wonder “EXCUSE ME SIR” was the phrase of choice.

Make sure to check out their photoshoots from the collab down below!

BTS Dazzles In New Vogue Korea Photos For GQ Korea Collab