ARMY Detectives Uncover BTS Jimin’s Explicit Lyrics And Unlock A New Mystery

Fans debate the exact lyrics with different results. 😂

BTS‘s Jimin is preparing for his solo debut, and ahead of the release of his full-length album, FACE, he’s clueing fans in on what to expect.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

Following the solo releases of fellow members J-HopeJin, and RM, BTS’s Jimin is finally making his long-awaited solo debut.

Recently, he shared the album’s tracklist with fans, revealing his songwriting credits on all of the songs except for the interlude and RM’s creative involvement on three tracks.


Just hours ago, Jimin released Behind the ‘FACE,’ a visual teaser trailer showing a brief glimpse at the making of his solo album.

The trailer showed Jimin working in the studio, playing the guitar in a luxury apartment, and working with producers and songwriters, all while snippets of instrumentals, backing vocals, and a few lyrics from his upcoming album played in the background.

The short video, which lasted a little over a minute, immediately activated ARMYs’ detective modes as they set out to solve a few mysteries.

While many wondered if Jimin was revealing his home for the first time, eagle-eyed ARMYs quickly debunked that theory with their evidence it belonged to the BTS’s frequent producer.

Another mystery was the content of the songs being played in the background. Once again, ARMYs were on it, and one savvy ARMY increased the volume of the video and discovered what sounded like explicit lyrics.

While ARMYs agreed that Jimin definitely said “f**king,” the rest of the comment section hilariously began to mirror the “laurel/yanny” debate of 2018 or the misheard “Dynamite” lyrics of 2020 as ARMYs fought to decipher what he said next with wildly different answers.

Some ARMYs heard, “f**king over,” some heard, “f**king nowhere,” while others heard, “f**king lonely.”

We may only know the whole verse once the song is officially released, but ARMYs know for sure that they are ready to hear Jimin’s unfiltered lyrics.

Check out more on his album sneak peek in the article below!

Behind the ‘FACE’ — BTS’s Jimin Shows A Sneak Peek Into The Creation Of His Solo Album In New Artistic Vlog

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