Behind the ‘FACE’ — BTS’s Jimin Shows A Sneak Peek Into The Creation Of His Solo Album In New Artistic Vlog

This is Jimin behind the scenes!

BTS‘s Jimin just released an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the process of creating his upcoming solo album, FACE.

The artistic vlog shows various shots of him in grayscale preparing for the album.

It even shows a behind-the-scenes look at his process of creating music where Jimin holds an acoustic guitar.

Working from a variety of locations including HYBE’s offices and what may be his own house, ARMYs get an exclusive peek into his life more than ever before.

He works around the clock with different staff, producers, and more…

…and also works into the night on his own.

From the studio…

…to the recording process…

…and everything in between!

We can’t wait to hear exactly what Jimin has in store for us!

Watch the full video below!

Check out his full promotion schedule below.

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