Did BTS’s Jimin Finally Reveal His Home? Someone Else’s Apartment Gets Mistaken For His

“He would never show his house.”

Since the BTS members have each moved into their own respective homes, no longer living together, we have slowly gotten glimpses into their personal spaces.

In December, RM gave ARMYs a tour of his museum-like apartment

Jin has occasionally shown glimpses with pictures…

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Jungkook has taken us into his home via live broadcast…

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Yet, not all have revealed their homes just yet. So, some ARMYs were surprised when it appeared that Jimin had finally shown his living space in a new video.


Jimin released an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the process of creating his upcoming debut solo album FACE. In the video, we see him working in various spaces, including HYBE studios and a home.

Some assumed that this home must be Jimin’s. They were excited to see his decorating style finally…


Crazy how some of yall thought he lived w jungkook💀

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Yet, others laughed at the idea that Jimin would not only decorate like that but even show any footage from inside his home, knowing how private he’s been in the past.

Many ARMYs pointed out details indicating that it was not Jimin’s home. For one thing, there are little to no boots. It’s mainly sneakers.

The decorations include a lot from the brand Supreme, which isn’t one we’ve seen Jimin spot a lot. So, ARMYs believe it’s one of the BIGHIT MUSIC producers, most likely Pdogg.

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Based on previous posts from Pdogg, it sure looks like it’s home!

Besides, from the FACE tracklist, we know he has worked extensively on Jimin’s album.


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