BTS Suga’s Dad Has Some Opinions About His Son’s Home Decorating

Famous or not, parents will be parents…

Some people love floral wallpaper. Other people want to burn it. Everyone has their decorating preferences, and BTS is no exception.

Left to right: BTS’s Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, RM, and Jimin. | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Take Jungkook, for example. His luxury apartment is home to twenty diffusers, a dozen mattresses, and a dining room display of laundry.

Jungkook (left) and Jin (right).

(He insists that his members exaggerated about his apartment, but do we believe him?)

RM‘s home, on the other hand, is magazine-ready. According to his members, it’s chillingly clean” considering how messy RM used to be!

J-Hope: Namjoon’s place is chillingly clean. I was so shocked. It doesn’t make sense how clean he is! I was so shocked when I saw things lined up in his fridge! Were you always like this?

Jin: You were a total slob when we lived together.

Unlike some of his members’ Suga‘s living space doesn’t just reflect his own personal tastes. At BTS’s 2022 FESTA dinner, Suga cracked J-Hope up by talking about his dad’s influence on his home.

It turns out, that Mr. Min has some stongly held opinions about his son’s decorating. “My dad’s taste is reflected in my place,” Suga said. “If I tried to do something dad was like, ‘Are you sure about that…?'”

It seems that even world stars aren’t free from parental supervision! For more, watch the video here.