BTS Exposes Jungkook’s “Eccentric” Apartment And Celebrity Lifestyle

How did he go from having no pillows to this?

Now that BTS‘s members are no longer living together, their true personalities and personal tastes can be seen in their individual living spaces.

From left to right: BTS’s J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, V, and Jimin. | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

During BTS’s annual FESTA dinner, the members reminisced about their old dorms and shared funny stories about their time as roommates. As RM pointed out, it was tough for seven guys to live together in a small dorm.

Naturally, the then-roommates had their fair share of challenges to overcome. Although that bonding time made their friendship stronger, they are now happy to be living apart. In fact, they’re better friends now than ever before, now that they have their own space.

“When I visited each of the members’ houses,” RM said. “I realized how completely different people were living together. All our tastes in decoration and habits are so different.” Jimin added, “All seven of us are so different,” and pointed out that the members disagree on more things than they agree on.

In particular, BTS singled out Jungkook for his “eccentric” way of living that began as a trainee and continues on to this day.

Suga described Jungkook as the most “celebrity-like” Korean person he’s met, saying, “His lifestyle is so cool.” 

Jin, of course, had to give ARMY the scoop. Somehow, Jungkook went from not owning one pillow to owning five mattresses — at least!

I went to his place and there were three mattresses in the living room! I went in his bedroom and there were two more mattresses. So I asked, ‘Which one do you sleep in?’ ‘I got all these mattresses to lie down whenever I feel like it.’

I go in another room and there are two more mattresses! There’s mattresses in the other room too!

— Jin

As it turns out, Jungkook’s at-home mattress store is just the tip of the iceberg. RM claimed to have seen 20 diffusers at Jungkook’s home, and J-Hope saw laundry displayed like art!

The most shocking thing for me was laundry where the dining table should be. I’ve never seen someone present his laundry so beautifully like that. With the soft lighting.

— J-Hope

Jungkook’s living space is just like him; one of a kind! For more from 2022 FESTA, read Jungkook’s thoughts about BTS’s upcoming hiatus here, or watch the full video below.