BTS Spills The Tea About Moving Out, Living Separately, And Fighting Like Family

Moving out made life MUCH better for everyone.

Over the years, BTS‘s members have become more like family than friends. Now, they’re starting “Chapter 2” of their careers, a brand new beginning, and they’re closer than ever before.

Left to right: BTS’s RM, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jin, and Suga

During BTS’s annual FESTA dinner, the members talked about the past, their prosperous present, and their future plans, which involves a temporary hiatus from group activities. Nowadays, BTS’s members are living in their own luxurious apartments, but they still remember their humble beginnings.

As trainees, and for much of their careers, all seven BTS members lived together. In fact, RM and Suga lived together for nearly thirteen years. According to RM, they became roomies back in November 2010, three years before BTS’s debut.

Having one roommate can be difficult, but living with six other people in a teeny, tiny space? That’s a true make-you-or-break-you challenge! RM’s snoring, for instance, disturbed his members and stressed him out.

People say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the same is true for distance. J-Hope said that the members grew closer after moving into separate living spaces. agreed, saying, “We became even closer now that we live separately.” 

Naturally, the members brought up roommate moments that were annoying at the time but are hilarious in retrospect, like RM’s “kill the mosquitos” orders.

For the most part, J-Hope and Jimin lived peacefully together. “Except that one time,” Jimin said. After having a few drinks, Jimin kept waking J-Hope up.

J-Hope was not having that!

BTS has many stories, but some we might never hear. According to Suga, Jin drops hints about their roommate life every yearbut Jin has yet to let ARMY in on the “secret!”

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