ARMY Proves Good Things Come To Those Who Wait As BTS’s Jin Streams “Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy” After 5 Years

And that’s on delayed gratification.

Good things truly do come to those who wait patiently…

BTS‘s Jin held a gaming live broadcast in honor of RM’s birthday. Currently, Jin is in Los Angeles, California, so couldn’t celebrate with him in person.

Little did ARMYs know at the time that this would result in one of the most legendary and chaotic live broadcasts ever. He broke a record for the longest BTS live as it extended past 3 hours and another record for the number of peak viewers!

It was all thanks to the game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. It’s a climbing game that pays homage to Jazzuo‘s 2002 B-Game classic Sexy Hiking.

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This game is a struggle for anyone who plays it.

It was no different for Jin either.

This isn’t the first time Jin has live broadcasted his gaming. In 2017, he played video games with ARMY.

He had mentioned playing Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy but didn’t due to “lack of time,” much to ARMYs’ disappointment. One ARMY, in particular, had expressed their dismay that Jin chose against playing it.

Now it has been five years, and Jin finally played Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. It resulted in the most epic live stream of all time too.

So, surely it proves good things come to those who wait. The ARMY in question even quote-tweeted the original post.

There’s definitely a lesson here on delayed gratification.

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