ARMY High Schooler Reveals How Her Viral “Mic Drop” Cover Came About On “You Quiz On The Block”

The viral video has over 7 million views so far.

Kim Jung Hyun, whose cover of BTS‘s “Mic Drop” went viral two years ago when she was just a high schooler, appeared on tvN‘s You Quiz on the Block and shared the details of how it all happened.

The viral video has garnered over 7 million views on YouTube, and it’s not surprising, because her cover of “Mic Drop” was hype.

Not only did she nail all of the moves, but she got the entire auditorium to get hyped with her.

The video received praise for not only being a great cover but also for being a great example of a confident high school student with a bright future ahead.

And two years later as a college student, Kim Jung Hyun appeared on TV to do another rendition of the cover as well as share how the viral sensation came about.

Kim Jung Hyun revealed that they were at a choir competition at school when they suddenly turned on BTS’s “Mic Drop.”

And as an ARMY, she just had to get down onto the floor from the 2nd-floor bleachers and tear the roof down.

She explained that her friend told her to go down since she was an ARMY, and because she memorized the entire choreography from watching BTS videos every night, she was able to nail every move.

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The video went so viral that everyone still remembers her 2 years later.


Check out the full clip of Kim Jung Hyun’s “Mic Drop” below:

Source: Dispatch