ARMY Start Trending A Hashtag To Highlight The Achievements Of BTS

They’ve accomplished so much.

ARMY never miss an opportunity to educate people on the achievements and talent of BTS. From music to cinema and everything in between, BTS has smashed records everywhere and inspired millions in the process.

ARMY has started trending the hashtag #Only_BTS_Can to highlight all of the achievements of BTS. For example, when they became the youngest ever recipients of the Order Of Cultural Merit.

Or when they won the KMA Musician of the year award, one of the only awards that doesn’t involve a fan voting aspect.

Or maybe when they featured on the cover of TIME magazine, the only Korean act to ever do so.

Let’s not forget their success in the film industry where their movie Burn The Stage became the highest grossing concert film of all time.

And when they won Gaon’s lifetime achievement award after just five years of being active in the music industry.

And many many more accomplishments which ARMYs are happy to outline.

2019 is looking like a year of more BTS achievements as they expand into literature, release another movie, release at least one album and contest a Grammy award.


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