BTS Jin Makes Massive Confirmation And Also Shows Support For TXT

Strap in ARMY, it’s happening.

BTS attended the 28th Seoul Music Awards where they won a bonsang, which essentially recognises them as one of the most influential artists of the last year.

When they were announced as winners all of BTS got on stage and Jin took the microphone. He revealed some massive news…

There have been rumors but…

BTS Reportedly In Finishing Stages For Their Next Album

…now it’s finally confirmed thanks to Jin!

Jin confirmed that BTS is working on their next album right now, but that the tracks aren’t quite ready yet and ARMY need to wait a bit longer.

He also made a touching comment about BigHit’s new boy group and his juniors, TXT.

He wanted to show his support for his company juniors.

Jin asked ARMY to look after TXT and stressed that BigHit didn’t tell him to say that, he personally wanted to show his support for TXT. What a great endorsement from Jin!

BitHit has just revealed TXT’s second member, Soobin. Here is everything we know about him so far.

Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s Soobin, So Far