ARMYs Blessed With A Magical Mid-October Snow Day Celebrating BTS Jimin’s Birthday

Happy birthday Jimin!

In celebration of BTS Jimin‘s birthday on October 13, 2019, his Chinese fan club JIMINBAR_CHINA prepared a special snow day event held in one of the most metropolitan areas in Seoul, Korea.


Quite a crowd of ARMYs in Korea gathered at the heart of Gangnam to watch the snow fall!


The fan club also set up a big blow-up figure meant to resemble Jimin, alongside a cake structure. Such an eye-catching display made it clear to non-ARMY pedestrians that this day marked a very special day for BTS fans!


Right at 10:13AM Korean time, on October 13, 2019, the snow began to fall as ARMYs shouted, “Happy birthday, Jimin!”


Although some of the fine details regarding the event were altered after the Gangnam District Office put forth a few restrictions to prevent any inconveniences and safety issues, the mid-October snow still blessed BTS fans with an unforgettable birthday celebration for Jimin!


Jimin’s birthday continues to be celebrated all around the world. Here’s how the members congratulated the birthday boy at their Saudi Arabia concert:

BTS Surprise Jimin With A Special Song During Their Concert In Saudi Arabia