ARMYs Report That Their BTS “Proof” Albums Are Already Cracking

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ARMYs are reporting that their BTS Proof albums are already cracking. BTS made their comeback in June with the anthology album Proof. Two versions were sold: Standard for over $50 USD and Compact for over $20 USD. A new collector’s version was recently announced, and it costs $275 USD!

BTS’s “Proof” album | BIGHIT MUSIC

ARMYs didn’t mind the high price of the Standard edition too much as it contained lots of content. Yet, some of it is already apparently cracking.

Several videos have gone viral on TikTok of ARMYs discovering cracks in their Proof albums. It appears to only be the Standard version at this time.


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It has inspired others to check on their Proof albums. Sure enough, when they check, their album also appears to have started cracking.


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With any viral TikTok, it made its way to Twitter too. So, ARMYs everywhere are now checking on their albums and finding the same issue.

No one is quite sure what or why it is happening. Some suggested it could be due to the air in our homes. Others suggested that it is due to the film cover causing air pockets and not actual cracks.

Yet, some theorists are proposing that it is all intentional. For one thing, it’s all the same place, and it sort of fits the concept.

However, this is not the first time a BTS album showed signs of damage. Another ARMY pointed out that the Special Addition of Skool Luv Affair has shown cracks.

Albums have also been known to fade if not properly stored. Read more below.

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