Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Realize BTS’s V Spoiled His Photo-Folio Months Ago

We had no idea all this time until now!

BTS‘s V is the latest member to release a photo-folio, but he teased it months ago.

Drawing on the romanticism of gentlemen, Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’



Recently, BIGHIT MUSIC unveiled both a concept film trailer and concept photos for V’s Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’ Photo-folio. The BTS vocalist perfectly embodied a 19th-century British gentleman that appeared straight out of a romance period drama.

The Photo-Folio derived from V’s idea portrays a day in the life of a 19th century British gentleman reinterpreted through his taste.
A horseback riding lesson to start off the day, a calm afternoon tea in the solar, resting outdoors and a trip to tend to himself.
Following the four chapters as if watching a silent film, you will get a glimpse of a glamorously recreated day in the life of a 19th century gentleman.



Yet, V teased his photo-folio long ago. We just didn’t know anything until now…


In April, V changed his Instagram profile picture. It was a black-and-white photo featuring him in a three-piece suit and hat with his face hidden behind a book.


The book in question was British novelist Hall Caine‘s 1928 novel “The Shadow Of A Crime.” It is the Danish Edition of the novel called “Forbrydelsens Skygge.” This same book appears in the first set of concept photos released for Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’ Photo-folio.


Not only that but V is dressed in the exact outfit as the one in his profile picture in the trailer film and the second set of concept photos released for the photo-folio. He is also seen resting on one of the suitcases featured in the other photo.


Similarly, V shared a black-and-white photo of flowers on his Instagram feed in May. It was only a few days after his profile picture update.

These same daisy flowers are featured prominently in the concept trailer film. So, V had been teasing us many months ago about his photo-folio, but we knew nothing.


Now, ARMYs can finally piece together the clues, realizing what was always in front of us. V is truly the king of spoilers!

Check out more details bout V’s photo-folio below.

Eagle-Eyed ARMY Notice The Luxurious Location Of BTS V’s Photo-folio “Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’”


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