BTS’s V Is The Fairytale Prince Of Everyone’s Dreams In New “Veautiful Days” Photo-folio Concept Film

“Taehyung is how women write men in books.”

BTS‘s V just released the Concept Film for his Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’ Photo-folio, revealing his elegant concept that screams “Kim Taehyung.”

Dressed in his favorite timeless style, V is at one with nature as he rides a bike and poses with flowers.

However, V soon shows off his regal side when he changes into a blue blazer with a white silk scarf. Twirling around on his cane, he looks like someone a prince out of a fairytale!

His highly-anticipated equestrian look suits him perfectly as he rides a horse through the grounds of the one of the most luxurious horse riding clubs in Korea, Sono Felice Vivaldi Park.

In the final clip, V’s stunning visuals are apparent as he jumps on a bed in the middle of the park, like a dreamy romance novel.

Meanwhile, the Mood Sampler videos capture the vibes of each concept. Do you prefer natural V…

…or elegant V? There’s only one right answer: ARMY love both!

Watch the full Concept Film below.