ARMYs Donate Ticket Refunds After “Map Of The Soul Tour” In Seoul Was Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Threat

In around 5 hours, Korean ARMYs already donated over ₩19 million KRW.

After BTS‘s Map of the Soul concert in Seoul was cancelled, Korean ARMYs have turned the bad news into something positive by donating their ticket refunds to coronavirus relief efforts. So far, they’ve raised over ₩19.38 million won.

Over the past few weeks, numerous K-Pop events have been cancelled due to the rising threat of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in South Korea. On February 28, BTS joined them, cancelling the opening night of their Map of the Soul world tour in Seoul.

BTS Cancels “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” In Seoul Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

While Korean ARMYs knew the cancellation was necessary in the interest of their safety as well as that of BTS, there’s no doubt that many must have been disappointed by the news. But despite that, ARMYs decided to turn the bad news into something positive by organizing a COVID-19 donation effort using the money they spent on Map of the Soul tickets.

As of 3:00PM Korean standard time on February 28, the media reported that 453 donations had already been made to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. This is the same organization Suga made a personal donation of ₩100 million KRW ($82,700 USD) to on February 27.

The total contribution ARMYs made using their Map of the Soul ticket refunds reached ₩19.38 million KRW ($16,000 USD) just 5 hours after the concert cancellation was confirmed. The figure is only expected to rise, especially after one ARMY contacted Hope Bridge to set up a PayPal donation page specifically for COVID-19 aid.

The team at Hope Bridge said they’re very thankful for fans’ interest in donating. Hopefully, the money raised will help medical staff and everyday citizens reduce the spread of the virus in the country. As of 5:00PM Korean standard time on February 28, 315 new cases of COVID-19 had been diagnosed, bringing the total to 2,337 cases.

Source: OSEN