ARMYs Earn Praises From Netizens After Cleaning Up A Busan Beach To Celebrate BTS Jimin’s Birthday

One-of-a-kind people.

Just one day before BTS‘s historical concert “Yet To Come in Busan,” a group of ARMYs organized a thoughtful event to celebrate Jimin‘s birthday that has won the hearts of even locals and non-fans.

On October 13, many ARMYs gathered at Gwangali Beach in Busan and joined a plogging program, which combines the activities of jogging and picking up trash. Since many ARMYs from all over the world have flown into Busan to attend BTS’s concert on the 15th, the event was also joined by a large number of diverse people.

The project was organized by a nonprofit organization called EARTH SAVE. After cleaning up the litter on the beach, ARMYs gathered together for a photo session and shouted, “We purple Busan.”

Besides being the venue of BTS’s free concert, Busan is also the hometown of Jimin and Jungkook, which adds to the meaningfulness of this project. Many fans and non-fans expressed their admiration for the participants on social media.



  • Really, really cool.”
  • I’m from a different fandom, but ARMYs really do a lot of cool things.”
  • But really that fandom’s good influence is no joke. I heard they donate a lot too. Really, the singers and the fans are both great”


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