ARMYs Are Furious After BTS’s J-Hope Receives Comments About Jungkook “Crying” During His Live Broadcast

“Jungkook already cleared that up.”

On March 16, BTS‘s J-Hope surprised fans through a special live stream on Weverse.

BTS’s J-Hope | BTS/Weverse

During the live broadcast, the BTS member tried to keep things upbeat even while talking about his future plans, including his upcoming mandatory military enlistment.

He even encouraged the “delulu” of a fan who commented that they were Suga’s wife.

As he read through more comments from fans, one about Jungkook‘s four-part live from earlier in the week stood out to him.

Jungkook thrilled fans by going live four separate times in different outfits. During the third live, he seemed to tear up while reading fans’ comments.

| BTS/Weverse

Fans naturally were worried, but Jungkook explained that it was because of his rhinitis making his nose run when he drinks alcohol.

During J-Hope’s live he read a comment from a fan telling him that Jungkook cried during the live streams and immediately showed concern, asking “why did he cry?”

Jungkook cried yesterday while drinking? Why did he cry?

After a moment, J-Hope reassures fans by saying not to worry about Jungkook because “he’s a strong kid.

Don’t worry, he’s a strong kid.

While fans appreciated J-Hope’s concern for the youngest member, most were upset that someone would worry another member with something untrue.


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