ARMYs Hit Back At “Inkigayo”: SBS Accused Of Exploiting BTS Fans’ Support

BTS fans online have called out the SBS show for capitalizing on their steadfast loyalty.

Controversy has risen among ARMYs following Jungkook‘s win and the “Seven” encore performance during yesterday’s Inkigayo music show. BTS fans online have called out the SBS show for capitalizing on their steadfast loyalty and taking advantage of a sweet moment shared on stage.

| SBS Inkigayo

The frenzy began when it was revealed that fellow BTS member V had made a special appearance during Jungkook’s encore performance to show support and celebrate his win. ARMYs’ excitement, however, was tampered with when they noticed that the official clip uploaded by Inkigayo on YouTube conveniently excluded V’s moment with Jungkook.

The plot thickened even further when the show’s producers released a collection of high-resolution photos from Jungkook’s performance earlier today. Now turned into a tradition for all Inkigayo performers, fans were more than elated to take a look at the gorgeous shots of the BTS star until they saw the last photo in the collection.

| SBS Inkigayo

The shot — which depicted a blurred shot of Jungkook and V dancing to “Seven” — came with an intriguing message. Should the article post garner 1 million views by August 3, additional, unreleased HD photos without the show’s logo would be unveiled.

| SBS Inkigayo

Unsurprisingly, ARMYs are nearing the milestone — with the post already boasting over 964,300 views. However, fans didn’t miss the chance to express their disappointment, calling out Inkigayo for exploiting the bond between BTS members and their ever-supportive fandom.

Others, while acknowledging the “manipulation,” were more pragmatic in their response. Many accepted the challenge, which seemed fairly easy for the powerful and committed fandom.

I can’t believe I’m letting Inkigayo use me,” tweeted another, showcasing the love-hate dynamic in the situation. Still, some others found humor in the situation and joked about how they were using the pictures as “bait.”

With the ARMY’s unwavering commitment to supporting BTS, there is no doubt that the targeted 1M views will be achieved. However, this incident might also serve as a reflection point for producers, fans, and artists alike as they navigate the often complex world of entertainment and fandom culture.

| SBS Inkigayo

Inkigayo’s strategy of using BTS’s popularity might have sparked some backlash, but it also underscored the strength and dedication of the ARMY, who never shy away from expressing their thoughts or supporting their beloved band, even in the face of exploitation.

As this saga continues to unfold, one thing remains clear: The bond between BTS and the ARMY is stronger than any controversy.

Source: SBS