A Member Of BTS Surprises ARMYs By Joining Jungkook During His “Inkigayo” Encore Stage

Please can someone release the full video!

BTS proved that nobody is a bigger ARMY than their own members after someone special came to support Jungkook during a music show performance.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Earlier in the month, BTS’s Jungkook shook the world with the release of his debut single, “Seven.”

| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

On July 30, Jungkook made his first music appearance to promote “Seven” when he performed on Inkigayo.

Considering how good the song is and the support Jungkook has from ARMYs, it wasn’t surprising (to anyone but Jungkook) that “Seven” had won.

Of course, Jungkook slayed his encore, and despite seemingly being unprepared for the result, his joy could be felt.

Yet, after the win, netizens noticed that some Korean fans had shared that a special member of BTS had come to celebrate with Jungkook… and it was none other than V!


Photos following the ending of the show were posted by ARMYs lucky enough to attend the show. While many were blurry, it was undeniable that it was V.

| @mandarinpeach_/Twitter

Unsurprisingly, when the pictures were posted, netizens couldn’t get enough. As always, the BTS members always prove to be each other’s biggest fans, and it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs wanted to see videos.


Luckily, it wasn’t long before ARMYs started sharing the iconic moment!

In a clip from a fan attending, the two idols seem to be having so much fun dancing on stage together.

| @annie___0113/Twitter 

As always, BTS are the biggest ARMYs in the world and as always, they are always there to support each other.