BTS J-Hope’s “Main Event” Performance At The 2022 MAMA Awards Has Idols Obsessed

Even a fellow BTS member shared their reaction!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently became the talk of the internet after the idol made a huge impression at the 2022 MAMAs Awards.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

On November 30, J-Hope made his mark at the event. Making his entrance on the red carpet, J-Hope made his presence known, dressed impeccably and wowing fans with his visuals.

As handsome as J-Hope was on the red carpet and collecting awards, everyone was waiting for his performance.

Of course, J-Hope had to have an epic performance entrance after all the excitement, and it didn’t disappoint. Taking inspiration from his Jack In The Box album, everything fitted together instantly.

After his epic entrance, J-Hope started singing the track “MORE” from his albumDressed in a leather coat, the scale of production was truly legendary.

He then continued the epic performance with “Arson,” and it seemed as if J-Hope was continuously getting sexier just to kill ARMYs even more.

Even by just taking off his coat and revealing rolled-up sleeves, it was more than enough to send the internet into a meltdown.

Yet, two performances weren’t enough for J-Hope as the idol did another song, showcasing his song, “FUTURE,” for crowds.

Although the camera didn’t pan much to the crowds, the idol truly captured the hearts of fans, and idols such as ENHYPEN and IVE had reactions worthy of such a legendary performance.


Yet, along with the hyped crowds and idols in the arena, someone extra special also shared their reaction, and it was none other than leader RM.


In a video posted on Instagram, RM shared a video of himself watching the performance live. After asking for the volume to be raised, RM couldn’t hide his excitement for the performance, saying, “Go J-Hope,” and “Let’s go.”

Of course, ARMYs were equally as obsessed.

Although J-Hope was alone at this event, the idol truly represented the group perfectly, and there was even a cameo from Jin.

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Source: Mnet K-Pop