Why ARMYs Feel Like Throwing Up — Ticketmaster Announces Not Every Verified Fan Will Get Tickets For BTS’s Suga

The pressure is on.

Earlier this month, BTS‘s Suga announced his first solo Agust D world tour. He will perform 20 concerts in five countries, including the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, and Japan.

Since then, ARMYs have been anticipating seeing Suga live. So, we’ve all been preparing for ticket sales.

Now, the week tickets go on sale is upon us, and Ticketmaster has updated ARMYs. Until now, there has been little info regarding the concerts.

Ticketmaster posted three images to social media, including info about ticketing for the SUGA | AGUST D TOUR IN U.S. The company warned that since the demand for tickets is high, it cannot be guaranteed that everyone will get tickets. Not even every Verified Fan will receive pre-sale codes. Instead, some will be selected “lottery-style.”

The Verified Fans who signed up for ARMY MEMBER Presale will be notified Tuesday, February 28 night if they received the pre-sale access code or were simply waitlisted. The pre-sale for this selected group will be Wednesday, March 1, at 3 PM (local time).

REMINDER: The Tour Organizers will be making 100% of tickets available for purchase during the ARMY MEMBER Presale. If all tickets are purchased during the ARMY MEMBER Presale, there will not be a General Verified Fan Presale or General Onsale.

— Ticketmaster

As all the tickets will be made available during the pre-sale and the demand for tickets is already so high, it’s guaranteed that there will not be a general sale after. But if, for any reason, there are some tickets left, those tickets will be made available on Thursday, March 2, at 3 PM (local time).

ARMY MEMBER Presale registrants: emails will be sent tomorrow evening letting you know if you’ll receive a unique access code or if you’ve been placed on the waitlist — determined by a lottery-style selection.

— Ticketmaster

Since Ticketmaster’s announcement, ARMYs’ nerves and anxiety have been high. So, many are responding that they will “throw up.”

Many are also telling Ticketmaster they need to eliminate Platinum Seats. According to Ticketmaster, “Official Platinum Seats are premium tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and Event Organizers through Ticketmaster. They give fans fair and safe access to some of the best seats in the house.”

ARMYs wish that all who had tickets for the BTS’s 2020 Map of the Soul Tour would be guaranteed tickets for Suga since they had already been through this complicated process before, only for the entire tour to be canceled.

Yet, nothing is guaranteed. So, ARMYs are doing all they can until pre-sale: hope, pray, and manifest.

May the odds be in your favor, ARMY!

Source: @Ticketmaster

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