ARMYs Are LOLing At BTS Suga’s Live Reaction To His Own World Tour Announcement

He tricked us again! 🤣

Recently, Suga became the first BTS member to announce a solo world tour.

Suga | @agustd/Instagram

So far, he has announced tour dates in the US and parts of Asia, including Korea and Japan.

Agust D Tour | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

However, the unique part of Suga’s tour announcement was that the information was released during the least suspicious moment: While he was livestreaming!

During the live, he discussed everything from Valentine’s Day to his recent habits — and didn’t even give fans a hint about the upcoming announcement!

The moment it hit midnight, he excitedly checked to see if the announcement was released.

When he realized it was posted, he couldn’t hold in his celebration!

The notice went up everyone! Let’s all cheer up for that day.

— Suga

In typical Suga fashion, he calmly watched as the Weverse chat exploded with excited messages from ARMYs.

Continuing to be mysterious, he didn’t elaborate much on the tour and just let the announcement speak for itself.

He promised to meet everyone offline soon in your city…

…and since it was already past midnight, decided to swiftly end the stream!

ARMYs should have known to always expect the unexpected when it comes to Suga!

Check out how fans reacted to the announcement below.

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