“Arthdal Chronicles” Actress Erika Karata Admits to Having an Affair With a Married Man

She was underage when the affair first began.

Erika Karata, who made her name known in Korea through the drama, Arthdal Chronicles, recently admitted to having an affair with a married man, putting much of Japan and Korea in shock.

Following the reports that Erika Karata (22) had an affair with the married actor, Masahiro Higashide (31), fans expressed their disappointment, to which Erika Karata’s agency offered an apology.

The agency expressed, “After the reports, Erika Karata is deeply reflecting upon her thoughtless actions. We will guide her so that something like this never happens again, and we’ll work to regain your trust.

Erika Karata expressed through her agency, “I want to acknowledge my weakness, foolishness, and childishness and face it head-on.

As for the married actor, Masahiro Higashide, his agency conveyed, “Higashide wants to recover his family relations, and he’s working hard towards it.

Ahead of this incident, Japanese media exposed Erika Karata and Masahiro Higashide’s affair and revealed that their love first started while filming the film Asako I & II in 2018.

But Erika Karata was underage at the time, which is sparking an even bigger controversy.

Source: Insight
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