Artist Lee K. Revealed Why He Chose BTS’s Jimin As His Muse For The Louvre International Art Fair

Some unique charms attracted him to Jimin’s face.

Lee K. gained significant recognition for his artworks inspired by BTS‘s Jimin that were showcased at The 2022 Focus Art Fair Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre, from September 1 to 4, 2022. In a recent interview, he revealed why he chose Jimin as his muse.

| Lee K./

Lee K.’s art primarily focuses on capturing human faces, something that stems from his interest in learning about the stories of real people. He chose Jimin based on his personal appreciation of him. Lee believes that when his subject matter is someone he already likes, the process becomes much more enjoyable for him.

| Lee K./

But it is not just Jimin as an artist or a BTS member that caught his eye. Lee explained that Jimin always stood out to him for his unique charms.

After listening to BTS’s music for the first time, I felt that Jimin had a special charm to himself. His face has a unique characteristic in which the eastern and the western charm and male and female beauty coexist. Every angle of his face has a different personality, and it gives off a different allure depending on the lighting and expression.

—Lee K.,

Lee’s art attracted many ARMYs to visit the fair, which recorded over 10,000 footfalls over the period of four days. “I heard from the officials that many people were waiting at the entrance to see the work modeled after Jimin of BTS. I was nervous and moved by the interest of people. Above all, I thought I should repay with a better work,” said Lee.

| Lee K./


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