“Moonbin Is Always Looking Over Them” — A Sweet Miracle At ASTRO Eunwoo’s Recent Schedule Brings Fans To Tears

An angel.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo took the stage at the KonnecThai Festival on April 29, 2023. The appearance was probably not an easy decision for the star, given the recent news of member Moonbin‘s passing.

Eunwoo at the event.

While many fans expressed their concern for Eunwoo, a small occurrence at the event brought comfort to Arohas.

Fans noticed dandelion seeds floating around the event venue.

Dandelions were highly associated with Moonbin as it was his last tweet on the official ASTRO Twitter account. He had been excited about the dandelions growing, as it was a sign of spring. Moonbin hoped they would reach his loved ones to tell them that spring is here.

Rohas, it’s dandelion seeds! Dandelion seeds, ride the wind and spread far, far away! Gently tickle my loved ones to tell them that spring is here.

— Moonbin

Fans took the seeds as a sign that Moonbin was watching over Eunwoo, who had to attend the event.

Arohas were also reached by the seeds. According to a fan, the presence of dandelions wass not common.

This is not the first time that an occurence linked to Moonbin has touched the hearts of fans. A white butterfly at his memorial site was seen as Moonbin coming to visit the love left by the fans.

“Moonbin Came To Us Again” — A Small Miracle At ASTRO Moonbin’s Memorial Site Touches Fans


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