“Moonbin Came To Us Again” — A Small Miracle At ASTRO Moonbin’s Memorial Site Touches Fans

An angel through and through.

Following the tragic news of ASTRO Moonbin‘s passing, his company Fantagio set up a memorial space outside the office building. Fans can go to the space and leave letters, gifts, and flowers or to mourn the star.

| @Kshy56/Twitter

The memorial was later moved to the office’s parking lot to avoid disrupting the sidewalk and provide ample space for fans. As fans continued to miss him, a small miracle at the memorial space brought immense comfort to fans.

Moonbin’s body was sent off on Friday, April 21, after the funeral ended. Coincidentally, fans spotted a tiny white butterfly at the memorial over the weekend.

I saw how you smelt all the flowers and went to read the letters, Moonbin.

— @illegal_nuts

Fans noticed how the butterfly would hover over the letters, even stopping near the Nesquik packages. Moonbin was known to have loved Nesquik.

Uncommon in the bustling city, fans believe that the white butterfly was Moonbin, coming to read the letters and smell the flowers that fans left. The fact that the butterfly was spotted over a few days convinced Aroha that it was truly Moonbin. It also went to both memorial spaces in front of the office, and in the parking lot.

That white butterfly, On Saturday it flew back and forth between the memorials in front of the office and in the parking lot, smelling the flowers and hovering near the letters. Looks like it’s still there. Binnie, you’ve been caught.

— @softdragon96

Fans found comfort in the small butterfly.

He is truly an angel, bringing love and comfort to everyone. Rest in peace.