ASTRO’s Jinjin To Halt Activities Due To Poor Health Conditions

Get better soon!

ASTRO’s Jinjin will be taking a break from activities due to poor health conditions. Recently, Fantagio posted an announcement through the official fan cafe.

Below is the official statement.

Hello this is Fantagio. On the evening of February 5, Jinjin visited the hospital due to poor physical condition, but did not get better even after treatment. On the morning of February 6, he visited the hospital again to undergo a detailed examination and received the opinion of the medical staff that he needed sufficient rest and treatment. 

Due to this, we inform you that the fan signing event and the ED LIVE Artist Class has been postponed. We will inform you about the future schedule after monitoring JinJin’s health. We sincerely apologize to the fans who have been waiting for today’s schedule. We will put the artists’ health first and do our best to help our artist recover quickly.

Previously, member MJ also announced he will halt all activities due to health reasons. We hope that both of them recover soon!

Source: star today